What prompted you to write this book?

As a Nurse Practitioner, even though much of my time is spent treating illness, my real mission is helping people achieve wellness. By wellness I mean a state of comfort and satisfaction with one’s health. Good health is a prerequisite for wellness. At the present time more than 65% of Americans’ health is compromised by uncontrolled health risks and chronic diseases that can be successfully managed. While wellness is in the eye of the beholder, good health and the risks that threaten it can be defined and measured and controlled.

For more than 10 years I have wanted a medical reference book written specifically for patients. I wanted to explain how patients can measure their own health themselves and understand as clearly as their health providers the risks that threaten them. I wanted a book that spells out measurable targets for the most common health risks using the same national treatment guidelines and the recommendations of leading health organizations that are given to health professionals. I wanted a book that will bring patients and health professionals together with a common language and shared goals. I wanted a book that is not only clinically sound and comprehensive but easy to understand. I wanted a resource for patients, that is both motivational and inspiring. As no such book exists, I had to write it myself.

I believe if people are willing to learn before they get sick the things they will be forced to learn after they get sick – it is possible they can make a few changes and never get sick at all.

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