Could a doctor have written this book?

A doctor would certainly be qualified to write a book on this subject but would not be able to offer this material in quite the same way. This book could only have been written by a Nurse Practitioner (NP) because its purpose and methods are drawn from the very heart of NP practice. NP practice is unique, even though we perform many of the same functions as physicians. That is the reason “A Nurse Practitioner’s Guide” is part of the title.

NPs are the only health professionals who practice both medicine (treating the disease) and nursing (treating the patient’s response to the disease). NP care is individualized. NP care is aimed as much at the prevention of illness and the achievement of wellness as it is the treatment of acute and chronic diseases. The method NPs use to achieve these goals is patient education. NPs educate in order to empower patients. As the old saying goes, “if you give a person a fish, you have fed them only once; but if you teach a person to fish, you have fed them for a lifetime.“

In this book, I am teaching readers with no prior medical knowledge how to take the best possible care of themselves. I am sharing my own medical knowledge along with my extensive review of national treatment guidelines in order for readers to gain knowledge of the treatments and therapies they are offered by professionals. I am hoping this will offer the following benefits to readers:

  • They will understand what their specific healthcare needs are.
  • It will give them the best chance to stay healthy and possibly prevent a chronic disease.
  • They will know what to do if they become sick.
  • It will enable them to recognize whether they are getting the best possible healthcare.
  • They will become more discerning consumers about healthcare in general.

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