Help Haiti and Help Yourself – Make a Long Term Commitment


The devastating natural disaster in Haiti has gripped our hearts and minds. Many are suffering without water and food while suffering injuries and the loss of family, loved ones and shelter from the elements. Those people’s circumstances are utterly unimaginable. Please donate money NOW and plan to keep on giving in the future. Recovery will not be quick.

Give Money NOW!

The images coming out of Haiti are horrible. The delay getting food and water and medical care to the millions who need it is gut wrenching. The tens of thousands of dead are rotting in the streets creating a public health emergency of gigantic proportions. Hopefully you’ve already made a donation to the American Red Cross or some other legitimate aid organization that you know will get the money to those who can get supplies on the ground quickly – even $5 or $10 matters!

But don’t plan to stop giving when the news cycle changes. Haiti was on the verge of a major infusion of investment capital that could turn this jewel of the Caribbean from a backward and impoverished third world country into a glittering and prosperous nation. Let’s not give up hope for that future. We can not leave it to governments and movie stars and telathons alone – they don’t have enough money. It’s our $5 and $10 dollars donations – if they keep on coming as Haiti moves through the stages of emergency care, to recovery, to rebuilding – that can bring Haiti and the Haitian people back to life from this terrible disaster. So please don’t go away or forget about Haiti when it’s no longer the top story on the nightly news.

What’s In It for You?

These are dangerous and scary times. All over the world humans face scary threats. The media reports that experts predict there is a 99.7% chance of an earthquake of similar catastrophic proportions in California any day now. Given it’s own current financial crisis, California is at risk just like Haiti – hopefully better building codes will make such a catastrophe, though still devastating, somewhat less deadly. Natural disasters, terrorism and economic ruin seem to be threatening us from every direction. How are we to cope with it all? Here are 3 ideas that will help:

  • Help others. Donate money now and donate money, goods or services later to stay connected to the rebuilding of Haiti. It will heal them and heal you.
  • Take care of yourself. Those who will survive in Haiti will share two characteristics. One, they were lucky. And two, they are resilient in body, mind and spirit. So let that be a wake-up call for you. Get in shape, maintain a strong mental attitude and stay connected to your spiritual power source – whatever that is for you.
  • Stay in it for the long haul. Haiti’s recovery and your own is not going to happen overnight. Time is the great healer for both the rescuer and the rescued. If you are the victim of a disaster you will stand a better chance of survival if you are in good health and decent shape.

Here are some legitimate websites where you can donate money right now. No amount is too small:

American Red Cross
Clinton-Bush Haiti Fund

There are others but double-check they are legitimate before you give them money. And remember, all the experts are saying what’s needed most right now is money.

This information is offered for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat. For that please seek direct care from a health professional.

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