FDA Warns - Beware Contaminated Weight Loss Products


In late December 2008, the FDA published a warning to consumers about over the counter weight loss products now on the shelves that are contaminated with unapproved drugs and chemicals.

Is It a Hefty New Year?

If you have come out of the holidays and greeted new year with a few (or a lot) of extra pounds – you are not alone. Are you (once again) resolving to change your life? Are you planning to abandon your old ways so dramatically and quickly that you won’t even recognize yourself in a few weeks or months? Are you planning to use a weight loss supplement to help you get started?

Stop! Slow down!

Before making your New Years resolutions, could you begin by accepting as true that you are great just as you are – regardless of your current weight. If you have made some choices you want to change, great! But healthy change starts with self-acceptance.

You have plenty of time – it’s a fresh New Year after all! Make changes, but make them slowly. Think of your goals more as a long march rather than a quick sprint. You want your changes to stick, right? Change takes time. There are NO quick fixes!

Or Healthy New Year?

Do you really beleive a pill or supplement will just magically melt away that extra weight and reshape your body to your ideal? Let’s not kid ourselves. If there was a pill that guaranteed weight loss and was safe – with no diet or exercise required – would more than 65% of Americans still be overweight or obese? I don’t think so.

There is no pill, powder or potion that will make you skinny – but there are many that will make you sick. Please read and save this warning from the FDA.

Now does anybody out there have any smart plans or ideas to share for how to really get healthy in the 2009?

I’ve got one – buy this book – and then put what you learn in it to use!

This information is offered for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat. For that please seek direct care from a health professional.

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#1 | On September 02, 2011, Kathy Clay said:

I had been looking for such kind of a clinic that can cater to me safe and fast weight loss. Actually I am very foodie and that’s why I keep on putting weight. But now I think I can manage to lose it by the CALMWM program.

#2 | On September 03, 2011, Carla Mills said:

Hi Kathy,

Thanks for your comment.

I do not endorse any weight loss programs or products on this website. And I delete comments that promote them with imbedded links. Why? Because there’s a lot of “snake oil” out there designed to take your money without delivering any results.

BUT, as I say in my book and on this website, there are many roads up the mountain and the same path isn’t right for everyone. If the program you mention gives you the motivation you need to help you stick to your goals then it is a good one for you.

Be careful, though, of quick weight loss schemes. Very often you will regain the lost weight plus more after a program ends if it doesn’t offer a meal plan you can live with comfortably and permanently. Be leery, too, of high priced supplements or products that are claimed to be “essential” in order for a program to succeed.

As I tell my patients, if there was a pill or potion that would make people thin then more than 60% of Americans would not be overweight or obese. Healthy eating habits, regular exercise and moderation in all things are the things that maintain a normal body weight. There is NO magic to it.

Good luck to you!


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