Eat Whatever You Want and Still Lose Weight


A two-year study funded by National Institutes of Health called Preventing Overweight Using Novel Dietary Strategies had 811 overweight participants who consumed four different types of reduced calorie diets and, guess what? It doesn’t matter what you eat, it’s the number of calories consumed that determine weight loss or weight gain in the human body.

If you are a chronic dieter, if there is not a single diet you haven’t tried, if your bookshelf is mostly diet books, and if all you seem to think about is your weight. I want to set you free!

Why All Diets Work

They are low in calories.

Why All Diets Fail

They are too restrictive to live on.

Why Are 66% of American Adults Overweight or Obese?

We live in a culture where high calorie, high fat food is the cheapest and most convenient to obtain. We are so overworked we don’t take time to slow down and prepare healthy foods that nourish both our bodies and our souls. We work at jobs that don’t require any kind of physical activity and often confine us to desks or small spaces where movement is restricted.

How Do I Break Free?

  • Find and commit to a “golden hour” every single day when you can devote yourself to some kind of physical activity. Abandon your quest for a dress size or number on a scale and find freedom in any form of movement that is authentic for you and bubbles up from your source.
  • Eat to live instead of living to eat. Try to eat more whole foods and fewer convenience foods. Abandon the notion that there is some special food or special diet that will melt pounds away without changing your lifestyle. Changing nothing but your portion sizes may make it possible to see dramatic changes in your weight over time – but not overnight.
  • Understand that reducing calories will take weight off and exercise will keep it off. Beware of rewarding yourself by eating more extra calories than you burn off with exercise. (This is a common cause of frustration. “I exercise but I’m not losing!” I hear it all the time. If you burn up 300 calories exercising and then consume 500 extra calories because you worked out – you are still going to gain!)

Why Should I Bother?

Being overweight or obese can lead to a chronic disease and a premature death. It could keep you from fulfilling your destiny and might snatch you away from your loved ones before you see your children or grand-children grow up.

“Weigh” the discomfort and expense of dealing with a chronic condition against some temporary resistance as you break through to a more active physical life in which you eat what you want – just less of it.

What makes life fun is how utterly surprising it always turns out to be. So eat whatever you want – just eat less. Get to know your body in motion – and love it – no matter wht your shape and size. You are beautiful just as you are.

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This information is offered for educational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, prescribe or treat. For that please seek direct care from a health professional.

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#1 | On March 28, 2011, J.R. Coyne said:

As a lifelong dieter, I find, no matter what diet,one thing that helps me is “picturing myself
thin”  If I can keep a “thin” image in my mind,
it helps me to achieve my goal.

#2 | On April 03, 2011, Carla Mills said:


Visualization is a powerful tool for personal change. Thanks for visiting. Good luck reaching your goals.

Carla Mills

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