Access denied: Florida lawmakers and doctors silence NPs - again

Florida is one of only two states in the country to restrict NP prescriptive authority for controlled substances. Florida is also the “pill mill” capital of the country. Seven Floridians die every day from controlled drugs prescribed by Florida physicians.

It is past time to bring the responsible medical community, including NPs, together to enable the use of these drugs properly and appropriately. It is past time to aggressively seek out and punish those physician rogues whose small numbers have caused such an enormous and deadly problem in Florida.

It is not Florida’s NPs but a small number of Florida’s licensed physicians who are the problem. Restricting NP practice will not solve a problem caused by physicians.

Watch this 3 minute YouTube video by NP Jana Esden who (silently) shows how Florida’s lawmakers and physicians have ignored the advice of experts and used politics to restrict patients’ access to care by restricting nurse practitioners’ practice and prescriptive authority in the state.

Florida citizens are being denied access to safe, proven quality health care by NP medical providers. Please write your lawmakers to protest these outdated restrictive laws that are hurting all Floridians.

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