Which Fish Oil to Buy


I get this question a lot.

“I read your post “Do You Take Omega 3 Fish Oils? Are You Taking Enough?”, and would like to know which “high quality (but not expensive one) that you buy at a health food store?”

Here’s my answer.

Just What I Do

Anyone who has ever visited this site or pokes around it at all will see that I don’t sell or promote products. The only product I promote here is my own book because I wrote it to save lives. So my answer to this question is just what I do, it’s not an endorsement of any particular products or to say that there might not be better one’s out there.

I buy my vitamins at a health food store or a dedicated vitamin shop. The fish oils I have bought, which are not expensive and (at least to me) don’t have a fishy after taste are made by Kal. I buy their plain Omega 3 Fish Oils, which are 1000 mg each so I take four.

How I Take Them

I take them altogether after my evening meal because a) I won’t remember to take 2000 mg in the morning and 2000 mg in the evening as is recommended and b) I figure they will mix all in with the meal I’m digesting and my body will absorb what it needs and excrete the rest. I do this with all my vitamins.

Other brand names I trust are Solgar, Solaray, and Nature’s Plus as they are all readily available at most health food and vitamin shops. I also always check the expiration dates and buy the freshest ones on the shelves. Like medications, vitamins lose potency over time.

Hope this helps.

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