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NP World News: Carla Mills – NP on the Edge

This year I was invited by Louise and George Young, publishers of Nurse Practitioner World News, to write a column about my views on NP practice, health and health care reform.

NP World News is the official news publication of nurse practitioners and its contributors and columnists are thought leaders in the NP profession.

As a loyal and long-time reader of NP World News as well as NP Communications other professional journals, I am honored to have the opportunity to contribute. I am posting these columns on my blog to give readers of NP World News (and anyone else) a place to comment and discuss the topics I will be wrting about in my column “NPs on the Edge”.

This post is a profile about me written by Laurie Lewis, the NP World News editor. My first column will be published in the next issue.

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A National Nurse to Help Reform Health Care?

It has been proposed that an Office of a National Nurse be established in Washington. The National Nurse would be empowered to lead an army of nurses into a national campaign of disease prevention and health education. Here’s a brief overview of the National Nurse proposal. If you like the idea, click here for a petition you can sign in support of it, I signed it.

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